The Finnish company VACON (Danfoss Group) is driven by a passion to develop, manufacture and sell the best worldwide AC, AC/DC, DC/AC & DC/DC Drives and to provide customers with efficient service.
Vacon AC Drive Solutions Oil Pumping
Vacon Danfoss Drives approach to Hybridization via Energy-storage

Familiar products from Vacon product family, equipped with functions to support energy storage integration

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Vacon OPT – AF Option Board (ATEX)
  • Provides the Vacon® NXP product with the Safe Torque Off (STO) safety function. The option board also features an ATEX thermistor input for protection against motor over-temperature, where the motor is located in an ATEX environment. 2 relay outputs are also available in the option board
  • Safe Torque Off (STO) up to SIL2, PL d, Cat. 3 using 2 independent digital input channels
  • ATEX thermistor input
  • 1 NO relay output
  • 1 NO/NC relay output
  • Slot: B

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Vacon Shore Connection

In general, ships in port generate the electricity needed by the engines, and this creates exhaust emissions and noise. Ports of the world have begun to adopt systems of power from shore where the ships dock, which means that ships are supplied with electricity with low emissions, no noise from the national grid through a container with effect from the shore and a cable connection.

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Vacon 100 Motor Mountable & Vacon 20X
Vacon Crane Control

Vacon’s application for mechanical brake control was created for users who want precise synchronization in mechanical brake and engine control. Brake and operation of the engine must be synchronized precisely together to provide calm traffic load.

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Vacon NXP Marine Application
Vacon PFC For Redundant Pump/Fan Control

Multimaster PFC, Vacon’s new generation PFC application, has been developed for simultaneous control of up to 3 pumps, fans or compressors.  In conventional pump installations, the pumps are controlled by a single frequency converter and a separate contactor unit is required to connect additional pumps to the system.

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Vacon – AC Drives for Elevators

Vacon focuses on vertical transportation and absolute control of our lift.  Vacon products possess these qualities that make the lift confortable, quiet and safe for passengers.

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Vacon – Building automation
Vacon LineSynch

Vacon offers a comprehensive range of Common DC bus drive products comprising frontend units, inverter units and brake chopper units in the entinre power range and voltages from380V to 690V.

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