23 Feb. 2023

RAFI Group invests in the future

In April 2023 RAFI will start construction of a state-of-the-art office and production facility in Bad Waldsee. RAFI is...

1 Aug. 2018

RAFI Emergency Stop Lumotast 16

New Emergency Stop buttons LUMOTAST 16 Read more here

11 Sep. 2017

Water Pump Application from RES

Another Electro EE project was successfully completed in a water pump station for water management with solar energy. More...

25 Jul. 2017

Danfoss Drives approach to Hybridization via Energy-storage

Familiar products from VACON product family, equipped with functions to support energy storage integration Read more here

28 Jun. 2017

IDEC LD6A LED Signalight Towers

Ergonomically designed for instant visual & audible recognition LD6A SignaLights combine the latest LED technology with IDEC safety technology....

15 May. 2017


Because it features the RAFI short-travel key switch, the RAMO 22/30 T provides that unique tactile feedback – with...

15 Dec. 2016

IDEC MicroSmart FC6A PLC

[tvideo type=”youtube” clip_id=”sA4Pnwfgi_4″] The new MicroSmart FC6A delivers efficient automation solutions. The world’s first microPLC with the power of...

17 May. 2016

IDEC SafetyOne

In Human Machine Interface (HMI) environment, ensuring the safety of operators and machines is given the top priority. Enabling...

25 Apr. 2016

RAFI Metalscape

[tvideo type=”youtube” clip_id=”Pa6KYrAE5Ck”] Soon will be available Metalscape. The new innovative HMI system of RAFI Company Read more here

28 Mar. 2016

VACON Drives Conference 2015, Singapore

Our company participated in the annual Vacon Drives Conference which is the world’s largest focusing on AC Drives, bringing...

28 Mar. 2016

VACON Drives Conference 2014, Dubai

Taking part in 2014 in the traditional Drives Conference in Dubai launching the VACON NXP System Drive.

9 Dec. 2015

Key of VACON frequency converters

The key feature of all VACON frequency converters is complete hardware and software configuration. There are three different control...

9 Dec. 2015

Energy Saving in Shipping

The company ELECTRO E.E. can and does provide solutions related to fuel economy and smooth operation control of various...

7 Dec. 2015

Ensto Cubo X explosion-proof panel

The Cubo X explosion-proof panel from the Finnish company Ensto is the ideal solution to protect your business facilities...

7 Dec. 2015

ENSTO CUBO Plastic or steel boxes for electrical panels

The boxes of the Finnish company ENSTO are of great strength and high protection against solid objects as well...

23 Mar. 2015

How to choose the correct VACON speed controller

By choosing a VACON governor, you are guaranteed to maintain and improve your competitiveness. What to watch out for:...

7 Feb. 2015

Vacon – future trends of the global AC Drives market

The demand for energy is increasing. “The demand for energy is constantly increasing and will exceed all limits if...

1 Dec. 2014

New agreement with SCHAFFNER

ELECTRO E.E. started to cooperate beginning  March 2014, with the  SCHAFFNER company,  manufacturing quality products for eg energy EMC...

1 Dec. 2014

New agreement with SOLCON

Since February 2014 we started cooperation with the firm SOLCON Softstarters construction of low and medium voltage.

9 May. 2014

New agreement with SOLCON

Since February 2014 we started cooperation with the firm SOLCON Softstarters construction of low and medium voltage.

5 May. 2014


For one more time the Vacon Truck visited Greece with seminars scheduled for one week.  Vacon truck crossed Greece...

5 Jul. 2013

New Cooperations Abroad

Our company ELECTRO began cooperation with companies producing exhibitions in the Middle East (DUBAI, Saudi Arabia etc) supplying ENSTO...

2 Jul. 2013

Possibility of buying products in special prices!!!!

From time to time Electro announce sales in some products that production has been stopped.  These products is difficult...

1 Jun. 2013

New website

Welcome to the new website of Electro EE.  The new design was created for easy navigation and access to...

29 May. 2013


The Finnish Company Vacon Plc after 10 years of successful cooperation with our company, Electro EE, renewed in April...

20 Mar. 2013

VACON TRUCK returns in April 2014

Vacon Truck is coming to Greece again. In April 2014  it will cross Greece once more visiting clients who...