The power
to thrive

We provide energy–saving solutions of unparalleled quality, determined to innovate, in order to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers and partners.

We are a team of professionals based in Greece, working with a wide network of external partners from around the world. We think boldly and act responsibly.

Our values define our company culture and our vision hopes to transform the way companies of every scale can help in preserving the planet’s viability.

Environmental footprint

Instead of sustainability, we’d rather talk about and work towards a company’s environmental footprint & complete power autonomy.


We want our clients to be able to work their power systems fully independently, nonetheless, we still offer the best after-sales support.

We design specialized educational programs that aim in autonomy on multiple levels:

  • Complete energy autonomy, that safeguards company sustainability
  • Gradual detachment from global/local power suppliers
  • Continuous support and practical education on the offered solutions.

Plug & Play Approach

Our team offers a unique cycle of services, from technologically advanced products and solutions (based on years of partnership with the most reliable suppliers) to live testing, after-sales support and advanced educational programs, in order to help your business save money and time from fieldwork.





We are not a company; we do not sweat over sales; we are a laboratory.

As scientists, we experiment, explore and put our solution to test, based on new practices and future industry demands.

Based on years of experience and accumulated knowledge, we have been able to observe our technologies in practice and be sure to improve cost and time management for our clients’ needs.


Our History

1979 /
Company was founded by Petros Sapountzis
1980 /
Collaboration with the Finnish Copmany Stromberg Oy
1985 /
Collaboration with Finnish Company Nokian Capacitors, Finnish Company Ensto Oy, German Company Rafi GMBH and Japanese IDEC IZUMI
1995 /
Cooperation with Finnish Company Vaasa Control Company, later known as Vacon
2004 /
Selected as Local Service partner of Vacon
2005 /
Our Lab passes the Vacon Service Audit
2013 /
Vacon granted an exclusive Service Partner contract to Electro EE, active until this very day
2016 /
Cooperation with Swiss Company Schaffner begins
2019 /
Service contract with Schaffner for Schaffner Power Quality products (Active and Passive Harmonic filters)
2021 /
Electro EE upgrades its authorized laboratory with the addition of Electro ERA System