IDEC’s philosophy since its inception in 1945 was the creation of the ideal environment regarding humans and machines. During this time IDEC has developed the most advanced products and technologies while ensuring protection and energy saving (industrial switches, industrial relays & components, automation & sensing, safety & explosion-proof components).
IDEC Display HG1F

Clear and shiny screen. Easy screen design, various communication functions with direct connection to the PLC, with barcode reader, printers and other peripherals. Quick response time.

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IDEC Mini Photoelectric Switch SA1E

Miniature Photoelectric switches applicable to hose down requirements. There is a great variety of them, they ignore the background by adjusting the detection distance and only objects are detected.

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IDEC Miniature Photoelectric Switches SA1E-X

IDEC miniatute photoelectric switches SA1E-X detects transparent objects, features a long sensing range up to 2m.

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IDEC Safety Relays

In Human Machine Interface (HMI) environment, ensuring the safety of operators and machines is given the top priority. Door interlock switches, emergency stop switches, light curtains, and other safe inputs or safe sensing products are used for detection, and the safety controller can monitor multiple devices, process the signals and provide the logic to assure that a safe machine environment is established per the requirements of the machine designer.

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IDEC Extension of 8 Analog Inputs

Analog signals such as pressure sensors, level switches, flow meters, valves, temperatute sensors and other analog, need proper analysis and control.  The MicroSmart Pentra Plc offers a wide range of solutions including 0-10 VDC, 4-20 mA resistance thermometers, thermistors and -10 to 10 VDC and 4-20 mA outputs.  The analog data is available in solutions 12 and 16bit giving a precise indication and quick movement.

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IDEC Full Color Sensors SA1J

The detector SA1J is as easy to use as a photoelectric switch, but in contrast to the photoelectric switch SA1J ensures sophisticated color sensing.

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IDEC LD6A LED Signalight Towers

Ergonomically designed for instant visual & audible recognition

LD6A SignaLights combine the latest LED technology with IDEC safety technology. With a new concept and
innovative design, LD6A light towers are ideal for factory automation and many applications.

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IDEC MicroSmart FC6A PLC

The new MicroSmart FC6A delivers efficient automation solutions. The world’s first microPLC with the power of a PAC.

IDEC SafetyOne PLC

In Human Machine Interface (HMI) environment, ensuring the safety of operators and machines is given the top priority. Enabling switches, emergency stop switches, light curtains, and other safety products are used to provide safety, and the SafetyOne can monitor and evaluate the safety information from the safety products most effectively.
The SafetyOne satisfies the highest requirements of key safety standards, such as category 4 of EN 954-1, SIL3 of IEC 61508, and performance level e of EN ISO 13849-1. The new safety controller of innovative concept helps you implement applications without requiring any programming. All you need is to select one of the eight logic functions; operation starts simply by connecting safety inputs and output equipment.

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IDEC Water Detection Sensor

High power water sensors detect water in opaque containers. X-rays are no longer required  for detecting  soft drinks  or hair care products. Laser Class 1 (safe under all conditions of normal use). Water Detector (photocell lens type).

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