> Ensto is an international technology company and a family-owned business that develops smart solutions for electricity distribution networks. For 65 years, Ensto has been providing innovative, reliable and durable products and energy solutions to overhead and underground distribution network operators, power plants, utilities, wholesalers, electricians, designers and technicians, as well as electrical and electronic equipment manufacturers, helping them to create a more sustainable future.

ENSTO is a company, specialized in designing and manufacturing standard and customer-specific enclosing solutions and electromechanical products for demanding industrial environments. ENSTO’s enclosing conditions are used in demanding applications requiring a high degree of protection and impact strength.

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ENSTO-LED Lighting

Mια πρόταση της ENSTO οπτικά ζωντανή, οικονομικά αποδοτική και Οικολογικά βιώσιμη. Υπάρχουν φωτιστικά ENSTO υψηλής ποιότητος eLED για εσωτερικές και εξωτερικές ανάγκες, με ενεργεική απόδοση και μεγάλη διάρκεια ζωής και λογαρισμό ηλεκτρικής ενέργειας χωρίς δυσάρεστες εκπλήξεις.

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ENSTO Load Switch

ENSTO’s main customers for load switches are OEM industries: industries of electrical, electronic equipment and panel builders.  ENSTO offers a full range of power switches.  The rotary switches are compact in size and good in design.  ENSTO’s load switches are the most world known load switches.

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ENSTO NET Distribution Blocks
ENSTO NET Distribution Boxes
ENSTO Compact Load switch with enclosure

ENSTO is a Finnish company that among others produces terminal enclosures.

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ENSTO Solar Power Solution

ENSTO’s role in the photovoltaic segment includes products such as thermoplastic customized and pre-assembled combiner boxes for solar plants, a variety of enclosing systems such as for power and string control purposes as well as generator junction boxes.

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ENSTO Water and Waste Water

ENSTO’s offering includes an innovative wastewater treatment unit designed on basis of the needs of the industry.  The cabinet has been divided into two parts.  The lower part is used for ventilating any methane gasses leaking into the cabinet.  With its higher degree of protection the upper part protects the electric components while also being ventilated with a high IP ventilation device for maximum security.

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ENSTO Wind Power Solution

ENSTO service offering includes the customisation of standard enclosures and the tailormaking of totally new enclosure solutions on the basis of customers’ needs.

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ENSTO – Building Automation

ENSTO works closely with standardizing and testing bodies with certifying products according to customer needs.  The solutions typically have a high degree of protection.  ATEX and EMC shielded solutions are available on request.

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ENSTO – Doors and Gates

ENSTO company has years of experience in applications in doors and gates industries.  ENSTO offers boxes of thermoplastic, steel sheet, aluminium and polyester as well as special materials upon request.  ENSTO solutions have typical degree of protection IR66/67 but in special cases and IR69K.

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ENSTO – Food

ENSTO – Food

ENSTO provides solutions with enclosures  made of thermoplastic material, polyester, steel and aluminium.  There is possibility with other material also upon request of the customer.  Usually ENSTO solutions provide a high degree of protection IP66/67  but has developed also a solution for IP69K.  ENSTO has experience in designing solutions for heavy rain and wind and fire (ATEX and EMC).

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ENSTO – Infrastructure

With experts and years of experience, ENSTO company offers boxes of thermoplastics, polyester, steel and aluminum sheets. ENSTO have protection degree IP66/67 and is proven to strong windstorms and fire.

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ENSTO – Telecommunication

ENSTO offers the configuration of standard box and the tailormaking of completely new solutions according to customer needs.  It also provides assembly services.  The thermoplastic boxes have ENSTO modular structure enabling economic changes on either side of the box.  The steel boxes are available in dimensions depending on customer’s wishes at competitive prices.

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ENSTO -Transportation

Here ENSTO offers IP69K if needed.  Depending on client’s needs can provide solutions needed such as ATEX and EMC. ENSTO is specialized in injection moulding.

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ENSTO Apparatus Terminals
ENSTO Clampo Compact

ENSTO is an expert in manufacturing boxes as well as in technology of manufacturing terminals. ENSTO terminals are designed and tested to serve a wide range of application and they operate under the most extreme conditions.  The most important is that the connection is made with only one screw.

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ENSTO Clampo Pro Branching
ENSTO Clampo Pro Universal
ENSTO Clampo Terminals
ENSTO Compact Load Switch
ENSTO LED Solution

ENSTO LED solution is visually vibrant economically efficient and ecologically sustainable.  The ENSTO high quality LED luminaire range covers both indoor and outdoor needs, it is energy efficient, long life luminaire and low electricity bills without nasty surprises.

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