Areal has been specializing in industrial automation projects with PLCs in many fields, such as manufacturing and processing industry, handling, storage, water and wastewater, cement industry and food industry.
Areal Topkapi Vision Extension
Areal Topkapi Vision Module
Areal Infrastructure Reference
Areal References (Industrial Software)

Industrial Applications Software AREAL TOPKAPI, references to software applications in the field of industrial automation. Industrial software TOPKAPI.

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Areal Topkapi Open Client Option

With this option, the user pays once (for the server), and benefits from intermittent local or remote access to their Topkapi supervision application from as many NET VIEW client stations as required.  Hence, the standby operators can each have direct and full access to supervision without a dedicated software license.

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Areal Topkapi Protocol Drivers
Areal Topkapi Report Program

This program uses data store by topkapi historical files to summarize values such as running time, accumulated time or number of faults and stores the results in EXCEL, HTMC or ANSI files. The processing is performed over a combination of basic periods (week/year or day/month/year).

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Areal Topkapi Reserve Expansion

Expansion Reserve and joint processing of Scada Topkapi is a very useful function in monitoring remote installations.

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Areal TopKapi Vision

Scada Topkapi’s Vision extension is the bus between PLC and SCADA. With the Vision extension, PLC variables are imported into SCADA.

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Areal Topkapi Vision

Vision extension of SCADA TOPKAPI, is the channel between PLC and SCADA.  With Vision we achieve the introduction of variables in PLC SCADA.

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Areal Topkapi Webserv Module

Topkapi’s WEBSERV module makes data from one or several Topkapi vision’s application programs available on internet, intranet or a simple telephone line.

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Areal Water and Waste Water References

Areal Water and Wastewater

Areal provides solutions in Water and Wastewater where deformation problems of harmonics appear more and more frequently and the irony is that the cause lies in the roots of “electronic revolution”. Nowadays modern power control devices provide many advantages over conventional control methods and are widely used in industrial processes, but their major disadvantage is that they produce harmonics.

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